Fish Wearing Headphones


Creativity has no boundaries. Stand out from the noise with audio, digital recordings, and radio advertising. If there’s an audience to listen we can help you get attention. We like to incorporate creative brand messaging into every project. If we can’t do the production ourselves, we have high-end, low-cost professionals for custom music and voice-over in our network of recording studios. We know, it sounds too good to be true.

Indiana Toll Road Gotta Get Downtown
Hacienda Mexican Restaurants Queso Records - 20 Cinco de Mayo Greats
Indiana Toll Road iZoom Girl - Toll Booth
Hacienda Mexican Restaurants Carnaval
Hacienda Mexican Restaurants Kokomojo
Indiana Toll Road iZoom Girl - Customer Service
Indiana Toll Road Toll Road Blues
Hacienda Mexican Restaurants Preacher Man
Hacienda Mexican Restaurants Buffet Beach Party - Castaway

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These are but a few of the names, companies, organizations that Fish Marketing serves or has served. We look for the nuggets of truth in your marketing position and help craft that message into a hook. Creative gets attention, then we use all appropriate media to communicate the story—and get the results you deserve. Can a story get any better than that?

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So, you want high-fives from your CEO? Admiration from peers? Better sales? Or maybe just looking to string up your marketplace and competition? Then have we got a recipe for you! At Fish, we’ll make sure your company’s marketing and advertising efforts are the most copied and talked about in the industry. It’s the highest form of flattery.

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